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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hai Friends, am going to tell you


Its very simple and it works great.

we need

1.sdcard but class 4 or higher SD Card will give excellent speed to your Phone.(best use 4gp or higher sdcard)
2.Rooted Android Mobile or Tablet.
3.Card Reader.
4.Minitool Partition Wizard software.

I previously post about the updation of android 2.1 to 2.3, or higher.
I face a major problem as performance low,
so this post is solve that.
Go ahead for custom rom.

Note For Users: This method mostly worked in all Machine Devices; Internal Memory Trick will work on all devices but Ram Increasing method is dependent on your phone’s ROM. check whether Swapping is supported by your phone's ROM or not.
(just Google it as your ROM name with “a2sd help” or “swap help” or a touch similar to this for more specific information about your Device’s ROM,.  Don't do before knowing about your rom. )

so sony w8 or x8 stock rom does not support the swapping.

but we update it to custom rom, it will support.

my device is: sony w8.
am using minicm7 shakira rom which supports swapping.

K lets Starts,..

Note: Backup your important data from sdcard to your pc or some other device.
One Important Thing Make sure Your Mobile is rooted.

Download the Mini tool Partition Wizard and install it to your pc.

Insert your sdcard to your pc by using card reader, 'don't use usb cable'.

Watch the below Video for get an idea about partition
Change your video qaulity to minimum 360p for better clarity

After partition put your memory card to your mobile.

Now goto setting-->CyanogenMod-->performance-->A2SD(ext)setting-->available modes--> click,,->a2sd.
it ask root permission.
Then Reboot the Device.

Now we need Swapper 2 application
for swap the sdcard as RAM.
The Link for Swapper2 is: Swapper2
Download the application from Google play.,
and install it.

Then open the Swapper2 application
Don't Click ON Button Before Setting up.
Press the Menu Button and 
Goto Setting-->
1.Tick Run swapper at startup.
2.Set /sdcard/swapfile.swp in swap place.
3.set the swap size whatever you want, i set as 256mb ram in Swap size.(you set according to your swap partition size)
4.set swappiness whatever you want from 10 to 100.
5.Tick Safe Unmount.
6.Tick Safe Remount.

Goto Advanced Preferences.
7.Tick Use Swap partition.
8.Tick Recreate swap file.
9.Tick Reformat swap.

Now Come back.
Click the ON Button it ask root Permission.
Thats it, Now your Mobile used this swap file as RAM for your mobile.

Let Now Check it whether it works or not.
Open the Terminal Emulator
Type su    Then
Type free
It show the memory of the sdcard.
In that see the swap,
if it show as 0  0   0 like that.
It means your swap is not working

see the below picture you get an idea.
it show the swap working.

See the Last line of the above picture
                  Total     used     free
It shows the swap 297436   71804    225632 
its working.

Instead of that     0        0         0 shows like
this means its not working.

Thanks for Reading...

Sathish Nagarajan